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Tent structure

Affordable solutions that are quickly deployed and dismantled manually, the Tent Structures are ideal for compact hassle -free installations at protected outdoor areas.

Tents are built to serve mainly as very temporary shelter structures. The installation techniques used reflect their lighter-use purpose and the short-term nature of the installation.

Tents are typically not fastened to the ground. They use ratchet straps to pull down the fabric to smooth wrinkles and hold the fabric in place.

For larger tents, installers will typically lift all the arches or a good portion before adding any fabric, or they may install the fabric with frame on the ground and lift the legs and peak which function with a hinge system.

These techniques make for quick and inexpensive installations, but in terms of structural integrity, the tent will rattle and move around. Therefore, tents are most suited for short-term, single event use, and are not designed or installed to withstand the stresses of time, weather or heavy-duty usage.


  1. Weddings
  2. Fairs, Exhibition, Showrooms
  3. Private function
  4. Concerts



  1. Quick and inexpensive installations
  2. Recommended for short term usage