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With more than 20 years of experience, The Shelter Company Pte Ltd has been in the forefront of providing modular structures in Singapore events such as Pop-up Stores, Boutique, Concert Hall, Conference Hall, Exhibition Space and Trade Shows. We have rental, instalment, purchase models available with diverse array of logistics that are perfect and suitable for all kinds of events.
Our Tubelar Modular System ® is a cost-effective way of customising your event structures which can be built-up and dismantled or moved to a new location, on just about any terrain, rapidly by our special technical project teams. There is a growing trend from companies where they make use of this factory engineered solution that allows for flexibility. This solution provides unrivalled flexibility in that factory engineered and semi-permanent structures can be operational within days or weeks from being commissioned.
You can pick and customise your options to suit the theme of your event and enjoy the following benefits:
• It is a modular building system that can easily be flat packed for transportation and assembly at various indoor and outdoor venues.
• Transport and assembly can be done manually, without the need for heavy equipment such as lorry cranes and mobile cranes.
• It is ideal for the rapid set up of flexible and mobile spaces
• Using only skilled manual labour, this structure can be assembled in 1 to 2 days, depending on the finishes and fit out works.
• It is a scalable/extendable building system allowing the spaces and structures to be re-sized, re-configured and re-located as and when needed.
• The structures are based on 3m modules that can be arranged to form 3m x 6m, 6m x 6m, 6m x 9m etc sizes.
• The standard heights are 2.4m, 2.89m, 3.8m.
• Wall panels can be solid or framed glass, with single or double leaf framed glass doors.
• The material for the structure is aluminum, which is lightweight and corrosion-resistant.
• The lightweight, ease-of-assembly method makes it suitable for asset enhancements within existing facilities, where access is a challenge for conventional construction materials.
• Suitable finance options available: purchase, rentals, and instalment sales
As the event industry continue to grow, a column-free Tubelar Modular structure is also advantageous. Its interior space comes without any obstruction providing more useful and broader space to hold any events. (Read more here: Advantages of column-free Tubelar Modular structures.)

As an established and renowned brand, The Shelter Company has an extensive portfolio featuring numerous satisfied clienteles. Tubelar Modular System® has also been used on a permanent basis at outdoor locations in Singapore at East Coast Park, Tiong Bahru Plaza and Changi General Hospital. Below are few of the many event structures that we have activated.

Event: OSIM SUNDOWN 2019 VIP LOUNGE STRUCTURE (Double-Storey). See more photos here (link to our website)